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  • Molten Lava Pastry

    Molten Lava Pastry

    This is an American dessert classic in a different shape. We start with a rich moist chocolate sacher cake, filled with a chocolate pool of ganache in the center. When heated, the ganache center oozes out of the middle when cut with a fork or spoon for warm chocolate confection.


    More Chocolate? Flourless Chocolate Torte with no flour and more chocolate. For lighter fare try our Pastel Mirror Minis.


    You'll find 18 Molten Lava Pastry per carton.


    Serving suggestion: Warm the thawed cake in the microwave for just 15-18 seconds.  Drizzle with a little raspberry or strawberry fruit syrup and enjoy with a strong black coffee.


    The United States-based chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten claims to have invented molten chocolate cake in New York City in 1987, but the French chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres has disputed that claim, arguing that such a dish already existed in France. According to Vongerichten, he pulled a chocolate sponge cake from the oven before it was done and found that the center was still runny, but was warm and had both a good taste and a good texture. Regardless of who invented the dish, Vongerichten has been credited with popularizing it in the United States, and it is now almost a de rigueur inclusion on high-end restaurant dessert menus.